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What is happening?!

As Broomball moves into a new decade, we’re obviously faced with adversity of the world around us. Chaos, confusion, social distancing, layoffs, stay-at-home orders, are all parts of the “new norm”. The one thing we all want in our small but passionate community is some normality.

Unfrotunately, this is not the case in this new decade of broomball.

This year has been toiled with turmoil and new experiences. The new “gripper shoe”, the Hagan, I mean, Hagen, or do I mean Hagan, company developed created quite a stir with the new shoe grip. While this was not a fair comparison to what ability was on the ice between shoes, it became apparent that these new kicks would bring life, if not just more talked about controversy, about what side of the proverbial Hagen shoe track you were on. This “controversy” has been rocked by ill timed and poorly written memos passed off as official statements (see below) including a email to captains to vote on the MN State tournament on whether the shoes should be used or not. Not surprising to those who have been tracking this similar story line since November, this was not received by all involved. This has lead to social media posts and message board misunderstandings aplenty. One thing is for certain, there is a passion within our ranks.

This obviously, before the dreaded Coronavirus really hit.

Our new norm has been postponements and cancellations. Fellow broomballer Marcus Mihelich said it best with the image below:

But, for a little while, we held onto broomball Nationals as the way would be able to meet and compete again. Unfortunately, but with good reason, this was “postponed” for captains/teams to decide by voting on a new date. You may be asking yourself, if it’s postponed for teams to vote on new dates, I wonder how was this survey conducted? A phone call to each captain? Maybe an online email poll for captains to round up their players to decide? You wouldn’t expect a mailer would you?

Well, a mailer is what you got, and the results are in!… but here’s the catch, not every captain got one. Seems a little similar to the MN State vote on Hagen’s, oops, Hagan’s. Old habits. I know plenty who would have responded if they got a mailer, but probably would have emailed back the answer to be honest.

Who knows what will happen after this dreaded virus has taken away broomball, but more importantly, life from this world. Does anyone have $30,000 for a defunct, poorly run organization? Whoever decides to pick up the pieces is in a huge hole and why would you want to?

Interesting times ahead. Putting things in perspective, the world is in chaos but we are a community in code red. This is our greatest opportunity to unite together. This is our opportunity to truly make a united front, and make broomball come together for not only now, but for the future and prosperity of broomball for generations to come.

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