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Uploading Logos

If you have trouble uploading your logo, you can email it to us at [email protected]. Submit all questions to that email or try your luck in the Message Board Forums!!

I’m having a hard time registering for the site.

There are 3 locations to register or log in.  At the top and bottom of any page, or inside the Message Board/Forum tab on the black bar. Any problems you have with login or your profile, please email us at [email protected] and we will get back with you ASAP!

How are the rankings determined for each poll?

  • BCI POLL:  

This is the equivalent of the BCS poll. An algorithm has be created to automatically calculate the rankings. Tournaments are ranked on a tier system and points are gained by participating. Statistics taken into account include…wins losses, tournament tier, scores, previous rankings etc.


This is the equivalent of a coaches poll.  Ambassadors from around the country have been asked to formulate(to the best of their knowledge) as many teams as they are familiar with in their area and around the country.  Those results are compiled and discussed amongst these ambassadors, to come up with the most comprehensive broomball poll to date.


The rankings are based on the results of posted tournaments and leagues from throughout the broomball community. More weight is given to a tournament that involves, for example, 6-10 USA Broomball classified A teams, than a 12 team tourney that has no class A teams. A league that features eight to ten of the best twenty teams in the country is going to be worth more than a social leagues results. It is not a perfect system, but it is based on the results of the events. A team that plays more, or doesn’t split up is going to fare better in this system. There are a few teams with a majority of the titles. They have played in most of the events, and earned their spot in the rankings.

What Is a Ambassador?

Broomball Central was built on the foundation of being an inclusive and providing a central place for everything related to broomball. We believe the only way to ensure the growth of the sport is by having a site that flourishes from the contribution of the many different types of people and roles in broomball. Therefore, in order for Broomball Central to function we needed Ambassadors throughout the county to be on board.

Our small group of initial Ambassadors were crucial to laying the ground work of the site and began many months before it went live. These Ambassadors have acted as direct sources for information on games, upcoming events, tournaments, etc.; while others acted as coders & developers helping the site run as smooth as possible. As the site continues to develop Ambassadors will also help round out our Ambassador Poll ranking system featured on Each Ambassador will have a vote for how the teams rank across the country. Those votes will be compiled in Ambassador poll (similar to the old Coaches Poll in college football) which will be added & compared to the rankings from USA Broomball and our very own Broomball Central algorithm ranking system based on tournament results.

Ambassadors are people who will represent the sport and are willing to give back through the donation of their time, the most precious currency we own; however, you don’t have to be an Ambassador to contribute and we look forward to see all of our users participating.

Are you interested in helping grow the sport and contribute? Here are things we are looking for:

  • Video footage (Can be footage videotaped on a camcorder or contributing via Facebook LIVE to our Broomball Central LIVE page)
  • Photographers (Although high quality photos are best, we appreciate any photos so don’t be afraid to submit any that you’ve taken!)
  • Writers & content contributors
    • Ambassador articles must be unbiased, fact-based, and will be reviewed by Broomball Central prior to posting
    • Non-ambassadors are encouraged to submit opinion-based content from their personal user account
  • Donations
    • Our goal is to be able to fund the site first and foremost. We also want to help get leagues started throughout the country. A current goal is to get nets made for Chicago.

Why is my post not showing up in message boards?

Everyones first posts needs to be approved by the site mods.  After your first post they will start showing up immediately.

To inquire about contributing, submit photos or video footage, donations, or ask any questions please email [email protected]