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The first snow of the year has awakened the Mag from the summer slumber with a whole new looking top 10 to start the season!!!

American Men Top Ten
Submitted By: THE Broomball Magazine on October 14, 2019 at 1:49:35 PM

The Mag has watched mucho broomball since July. The count is well over 100 games and it’s only October. 
TC Open, Sin City Showdown, MN Meltdown, Riverside Classic and the Friday Fall league, we have seen Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Rec, and It has been some great broomball action! 

A few things have already been made abundantly clear this young season. Johnny Seitz, Hobey Stanton, and Pete Sikich are without question the three most exciting American players to watch in a long, long time. 

On the International front, Quebec’s Yan Marineau showed off his extraordinary skills in Las Vegas. He took over the games against both Met X and the Sun Devils at The Sin City Showdown, leading his Les Mingo’s squad to the Championship. 

Speaking of the Sun Devils, Ontario natives Joe Kealey and Jordy Weidemann were equally spectacular at the Sin City. Playing on a line with Bruno SK and Vegas legend Jeff Bassett, they led the Devils to a dramatic comeback from three goals down with just under six minutes left to force OT against Les Mingo in the final. Marineau then countered with a herioc OT goal of his own, to end one of the craziest contests ever in Nevada. 

All this action already? This is going to be a great season! 

On to the rankings, and it’s a very muddled situation at the top indeed. 
Kelly Lake won the TC Open in July over the Chiefs, and the MN Meltdown in September vs Met X. 

Met X defeated Kelly Lake last weekend in the semis at The Riverside, and then throttled The Chiefs 4-0 in the final of said. 

The Chiefs finished ahead of Met X in July and Kelly Lake in October, but collected key chains in both tourneys. 

The Mag is going to go with the hot hand and rank……………. 

1. Met X – Cottage Grove MN 
Stanton’s, Stanton’s and more Stanton’s. Four on the ice, one on the bench, and more often than not, one in the penalty box. They are just starting to scratch the surface as, all four players are in their early 20’s. They have only played a couple of seasons so far at the Elite level. Jaunty may be playing the best broomball of his career right now, and if they have managed to pry away Swanson from C&L to guard the cage they just might stay in this spot all year. 

2. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN 
The Mag is not certain if they have the best overall team, but they most certainly own the game’s most potent power play AND overtime unit. Pete, Tony, and Jacob have been maiming teams on the pp each and every tourney, and despite falling in OT to Met X in the SF’s of the Riverside, have been piling up the OT victories at a historic pace. 

3. MN Chiefs – Richfield MN 
You play the hand you’re dealt, and The Mag has never been about what if’s, but you have to wonder how different things might be if McJunkin wasn’t perpetually on a milk carton, and Purington hadn’t blown himself up on a suicide bombing mission at The Meltdown. Those two are both instant offense, and would certainly take some of the scoring pressure off of Johnny Broomball. Gotta stop collecting runner-up’s, No Bueno. Many, many of them came up in a program where it was “first or last” (full credit to Ricky Bobby). 

4. Legion BC – United States Conglomerate 
The defending National Champions failed to advance from pool play at The Riverside Classic. 
In all fairness to the Legionnaire’s, they do not get to play together very often, and this was their 2019/20 debut. It has become their standard practice while competing in the invitationals to lose a bunch of tight, low-scoring heart breakers. A big, big stat to remember however. This squad has made it to the National Championship game three of the last four years! They have ended plenty of team’s seasons in April, and The Mag knows they are gunning to repeat in New Hope. 

5. C+ – Eastern United States 
A final four finish at The Meltdown propels the soon to be B Minus club into the top five in the country. Much like the green garbed Legion team, C+ does not play together nearly as often as the MN squads do. When they fly-in to events, sleep in hotels, and finish higher than home teams such as Furious, Wolves and Northern Invasion we take notice. The Mag salutes you Team 2.75GPA! 

6. Northern Invasion – Mpls MN 
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season so far! Semi-Final appearances at both the TC Open and The Riverside. A young squad with a very bright future, they are on their 3rd name change in just their 3rd tournament. They started out the season with the definitely understated Fighting Saints logo on their royal blue sweaters. Realizing they were already out of contention for Broomball Central’s “Jersey of the Year contest”, they quickly changed their name to Blitzkrieg and began working on a logo redesign. Walfoort’s home however was quickly surrounded by ANTIFA protesters, forcing the team to abandon the SS logo/crest, and settle on the slightly less aggressive Northern Invasion trademark. Can’t wait to see what they unveil for the North American Championships. 

7. Furious – St Paul MN 
The Mag has been caught off guard by the beer baron’s early season lack of success. The addition of the Gibbons brothers in our humble opinion was going to move them up the rankings. That has not been the case, as Sean has been AWOL and Shakes is playing hurt. It has not been a good look for this club so far this year. They were the #10 seed (out of ten) in the playoff round at The Meltdown, and failed to advance out of pool play at The Riverside, getting KO’d by Northern Invasion in a must win game. 

8. Wolves – Blaine MN 
A shocking 2-1 loss to C+ in the QF’s of the Meltdown marks last year’s Midwestern Champions only appearance of the year so far. The Mag thought they were the next up and comers, but they have seemed to transfer that tag to Northern Invasion on some sort of convoluted talent sharing program. 

9. Outlaws – Syracuse NY 
A successful 18/19 campaign has not translated to the current season. Bad showings at The Sin City and Riverside were not what the NY’ers had in mind. There is time to right the ship, but they better start soon! 

10. Tie Ice Mafia / Flames – Mpls MN 
Neither team played particularly well at The Riverside, but they were the only candidates left. 
Ice Mafia was outscored 16-0, having received the worst draw in broomball history, facing off against Met X, Chiefs and Legion. Flames didn’t fare much better, getting outscored 12-2 in a trio of tilts vs Kelly Lake, Northern Range, and Furious. Ice Mafia does own a pair of tourney victories over Red Rock this season, while the Flames were making their season debut. 

The Mag expects a much different looking Top 10 next time out. Teams such C&L Excavating, Nordic Stars, Sticks&Stones, and NJ Saints have yet to even lace em up. With The North American/Midwestern Championships, Syracuse Can/AM, Midwest Broomball Invitational, and International Championships still upcoming, there are plenty of chances for your squad to crack the top ten before the year end Nationals edition. The rankings aren’t complete, so get your team out and compete! 

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