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Dictator Cup

The Guillotine’s Win the Dictator Cup 2018

Greetings my friends!

First and foremost thank you to ALL who participated, sponsored, volunteered, donated, and spectated. I couldn’t have done it without you all. I hope you all had a good time!

We raised a whopping $2,200 for the Make-a-Wish foundation! Still working on putting it all in this link so bear with me! If you wish to contribute to the link still, please do so!

Few shout outs to our top Sponsors & Individual Donors:

*Midway Driving School (Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, & Rochester) – Find Tony Ryan on the ice and thank him for his generous donation!!

*Arctic Heating & Air – Find Robert “Stan” Ebertz on the ice and thank him for the Family Ice!

*Ducky Screen Printing – Find Daniel Lipkin on the ice and thank him for the donation of our awesome T-shirts!

*Blue Ox – Find Jim Cox on the ice and thank him for the game balls!

*1st Wok Chinese Restaurant (Bloomington)- My Parent’s restaurant which help donate some of the food that was provided at the tourney!


$100 & $200 + Donors:

Grant Dawson

Joe McArdle

Tony “Shawnski” Schoenecker

Mike Olson

Paul Gorman

Jason Forde

Tony Ryan

Steve Gorman

Jamie McBride (Special shout out to Jamie who won the charity Dice game prize of $500 and donated the prize right back to Make-a-wish!!)



Friday June 29th

Pool A:

Game 1: 6PM Kahns 1 vs 1 Stormin’ Gorman’s – TIE

Game 2: 7PM Stormin’ Gorman’s 1 vs 1 Barry’s Inferno TIE

Game 3: 8PM Kahn’s 4 vs 1 Barry’s Inferno – Kahn’s Win

Pool B:

Game 4: 9PM Hiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army 2 vs 3 The Guillotine’s – The Guillotine’s Win

Game 5: 10PM The Guillotine’s 0 vs 3 Average Joe’s – Average Joe’s Win

Game 6: 11PM Average Joe’s 1 vs 1 Hiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army – TIE

Saturday June 30th

Game 7: 11AM The Guillotine’s 3 vs 0 Barry’s Inferno – The Guillotine’s Win

Game 8: 11:50AM Hiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army 0 vs 1 Stormin’ Gorman’s – Stormin’ Gorman’s Win

Game 9: 12:40PM Kahn’s 1 vs 2 The Guillotine’s – The Guillotine’s Win

Game 10: 1:30PM Average Joe’s 2 vs 1 Stormin’ Gorman’s – Average Joe’s win in Shoot out!! Shawnski’s shoot out goal helps Average Joe’s become victorious!!

Game 11: 4:30PM Kahn’s 4 vs 1 Stormin’ Gorman’s – Kahn Win (3rd Place Game)

Game 12: 5:30 Barry’s Inferno 3 vs 1 Hrio-Sui-to’s Imperial Army – Barry’s Inferno Win (Toilet Bowl)

Game 13: 6:30 The Guillotine’s 1 vs 0 Average Joe’s – The Guillotine’s Win! (Championship game). Game went into the final seconds with constant action. Adam Wedwick scored the winning goal with only a few minutes left in the game. Average Joe’s pepper the Guillotine’s with several shots in the last few minutes of the game but The Guillotine’s hold them off!

7:30 – JJ’s Club House – Charity Dice Game Winner # was 2-5-6 (Jamie McBride wins the roll off with 2 6’s!) Volunteer prize winners were Lyga, Joe McArdle, and Dane Bremer!

Please reach out for suggestions on improvements, comments, whatever else!

Thank you all again!

The Dictator (Aka Sheila Cheng) 612-251-0933/[email protected]

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