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Syracuse Can-Am Broomball Tournament Update

With the deadline to the Syracuse Can-Am this weekend, I have been asked by several teams to post an update. We have several teams that are getting in contact with me now as they are still use to the old deadline that use to be much later. With the improved rink setting that is in high demand, we need to have the tournament schedule out much earlier. We will wait for these teams through this week to get us their information so they are not left out as some of these teams have been coming for many years. Please contact us right away if you are one of those teams and we will work with you to get your team in.

For the hotel link, please make sure you put the dates in that you are staying. Almost all teams are coming in on Friday and if you choose Friday, you will see the 2 queen bed rooms. Only a handful of players are coming in on Thursday and their accommodations are different as per the Thursday date. If the hotel fills completely, please contact me and so we can have the hotel help us place you in their neighboring hotel.

Men’s A/B
We have 3 other teams we are waiting to hear back from that have been talking to us but for A/B, you won’t want to be excluded from this group if you want to prove you are the best of the best. This will be one of the toughest Can-Am’s ever and you will be able to see plenty of the world’s best on display!
Spitfire (Aces/Patriotes combine) – Quebec
Valley Gamblers – Ontario
Cobourg – Ontario
Barries Tavern – North America
Outlaws – Syracuse, NY
New Jersey Saints – Somerset, New Jersey
Legion – United States
Helicopters – Ontario
Vikings – Ontario
MetX or Chiefs to round this tremendous field out??

Men’s C
We are waiting on 1 more team and we have 2 teams talking to us. This first time, Can-Am stand alone C division has already grown to a larger number than expected and we will hit our target number we wanted in the first year of doing this. The C division will only grow from here especially when some of these teams get their first taste of being a part of a tremendous broomball community.
Iceplex Broomball – Rochester, NY
Boston Broomins – Bostn, MA
Syracuse United – Syracuse, NY
TSG – Ontario
Oshawa Mob – Ontario
Top Shelf – MD
Ontario Wolfpack
We need another Syracuse to showcase our area!!

The numbers have fluctuated between 6 and 8 for the past 3 weeks. We have several teams telling us they are in, but then hold their application so they can check again with their team. If all of the teams enter, we will exceed our target number of 8. We will work together to make sure we get your teams here. Here are the definite teams.
MNBW 1 – Minnesota
Agents – DC
Dynamites – Quebec (Defending Champs)
The Nighthawks – Ontario
Broomstormers – Baltimore, MD
MNBW 2 – Minnesota

With only a couple more weeks left until the deadline, the Syracuse Can-Am is close to being full for all divisions: Men’s A/B, Men’s C, Women’s. If your team is going to enter (spoke to a handful of teams at Worlds), please do so soon. If your team has already entered, please make sure your payment is in to Rich and also go to the website to book your hotel.
We will have a complete update of teams entered soon. If there are questions, please let me know.
If there is a women’s team looking for players, we have 2 that are available to play.
If there are men that would like to play and are at the C level, please contact me as I have a C level team that needs a couple more players to fill out their roster.

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