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Results: 2018 North American Championships

If you didn’t have the opportunity to see any games for the 2018 North American Championships, take a moment to check out the two semi-final and final matchups. You will be hard to find higher level and more exciting matches. The tournament showed what high level broomball truly is while featuring some of the best broomball talent in the world.

“You will be hard to find higher level and more exciting matches.”

The semi-final matches had #1 MN Chiefs vs #4 C&L Excavating which finished 1-0 to the former on a blitz of a shot from the top of the right circle at 8:31 in the second half. The other semi-final matchup featured the Canadian stacked All-star Barrie’s Tavern squad vs the up-and-coming Legion BC squad out of various US locations. Barrie’s were up 2-0 before a late surge forced overtime where Barrie’s made quick work of their second shift in overtime winning on a slap-shot style goal from the top middle of the slot.

The final featured C&L Excavating, a worlds quarterfinalist vs Barrie’s Tavern, a team filled with worlds winners and late runners. It was stated numerous times in the stands that player to player, this Barrie’s Tavern squad was the best people had ever seen. There were no weaknesses or soft points.

“There were no weaknesses or soft points.”

The game even featured a few “USA” chants every time C&L scored. The game found itself tied 2-2 late in the second half until 4:12 when you will see one of the prettiest setup passes of all time from Eric Mackey to Kevin Purington for the eventual game winner goal putting C&L up by one. Go to the game footage at 8:33:05 to find the play and as usual, a great announcing call by our very own Grant Dawson.

The final for the Midwestern division did not disappoint either. While finishing 0-0 at the end of regulation may seem to be a dull affair, it was quite the opposite. Nick Schultz, goalie for the MN Bombers at the 2018 Championships, put on an MVP performance, shutting out and shutting down a multitude of MN Wolves chances before forcing a 2OT game in which he could no longer partake.

“Nick Schultz… put on an MVP performance…”

In overtime the consistent and constant pressure of the MN Wolves finally overtook their well known opponent and this was after powerplays for each side. At 3:21 in the second overtime Corey Eichelberger puts away the game winner in an upper shelf snipe after the ball had squirted out to the right faceoff dot from the front of the crease.

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