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Midwest Broomball Holiday Tourney!!!! (Streamed on BBC Facebook Live)

Live Scores here!

Here is the schedule……… finally!  With 10 teams, our start each day will begin early!  In order to avoid the time constraints we faced last year during the A-bracket championship game, it has been moved BEFORE the B-bracket championship. 
As far as the youth small-ice tourney, it is not looking good.  We only have two teams signed up.  That may not happen this year.
If you still have not booked a room anywhere, the newly renovated Holiday Inn (just west of the Sleep Inn) reached out to me and offered a $109 per night stay, which includes a full breakfast buffet.  I have attached the flier that they sent me.  Tell them you are in town for the broomball tourney.  Safe travels to all!
NOTE: Based on time constraints, the B-bracket games could be modified in order to finish up no later than 2:00 PM.  Modifications could include such things as (no stop clock until 5 mins. or 2 mins. left or even no stopped clock at all).  We will try our best to complete the tourney in full.  
>>> Scott Herron 11/18/2019 11:52 AM >>>
The following teams have been entered in the 8th Annual Invitational:The RockpileIndiana InvadersWicked SistersBrooms of SteelPatterson Park After Dark (PAID)Corruption (PAID)U of NebraskaCleveland Ice StormDayton BombersChicago BC
If you would like to pay up front and get the entry fee out of the way you can Venmo $500 to Scott-Herron-8 (look for the Invader profile pic to ensure you select the correct one)Or you can bring $500 cash or check the day of the tourney.  Please make the checks out to me.   This years format will be:- Everyone plays 2 pool play games and will be seeded into the A-bracket for an opportunity to win the $750.- There will be two “play-in” games into the A-bracket, the losers of those two games will be placed into a Consolation game on championship Sunday- Each loser of the A-bracket Quarterfinals will be placed into the B-bracket Semi-Finals- Each winner of the A-bracket Quarterfinals obviously will advance to the A-bracket Semi-Finals.- The A-bracket Championship will follow the Consi game and then the B-bracket Championship will wrap up the tourney.- The schedule will be made to where your pool play game will not be against anyone you played in pool play from last years tourney or in this years Mid-Atlantic pool-play, so you will get to see some new (or old) faces.

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