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Minnesota State Tournament

Hagan’s Banned for 2020 MN State

USA Broomball head Perry Coonce has announced a ban the Hagan H-5 Pro’s for the 2020 MN State tournament stating “based on team survey results the new grippier shoes WILL NOT be allowed for any MSF state tournament play in 2020.” This is for all divisions and men’s, women’s and Co-Rec.

It was also stated that any “players illegally wearing them will be disqualified from the game/tournament and any goals scored by the offending team while a team member is wearing the new shoes on the ice will be canceled.”

It was stated that further evaluation will be needed to know if they will be allowed in the 2021 MN State Tournament.

Broomball Central was unaware of the survey and do not currently have the information to how it was sent, who it was sent to, or how the data was collected. A current Broomball Central Facebook page survey asking “Is the grip that the Hagan H-5 Pro provides good for the game of broomball?” shows at 70% favor towards the new grip currently.

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