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Broomball Co-Ed Sunday and Men's League Thurday Chaska, MN

Aaron Stucki
 Aaron Stucki
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Hey guys,
We are running leagues down here in Chaska at Schram Haus Brewery. We are running beer specials for teams and are trying to generate as much interest as we can.
We have 6 vs 6 men's and co-ed with a goalie. We are also willing to work with leagues or groups if there is enough players to support another night of leagues. We are open to other styles of rules people are used to and would love some input.
We are also setting up an area for free agents to sign up and find
teams to play with.
Please message me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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are you still meeting? my friend and I would like to join if so!


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