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Dictator Cup June 29/30 Breck Ice Arena

Hi friends!
Welcome to the 1st annual Dictator Cup, raising money for the Make-a-wish foundation!
Drafted teams and schedules are below. Please bring a DARK and a WHITE to all games. There will also be a charity board dice roll game with a prize of $500! You don’t have to participate in the tournament in order to play! You can donate $200 to get your name across the entire board or $100 to select half board. You can also pay $1 per square! Reach out to me for more details!
If you wish to help volunteer at the tournament, please let me know! We need help reffing, scorekeeping, picking up pizza, and all that wonderful jazz.
Please visit above if you wish to help contribute towards our Make-A-Wish!!
Captain: Gui (Team name – The Guillotines)
Goalie – Amber K/Ben
Kirk K
Adam W.
Dustin F.
Dan S.

Captain – Paul Gorman (Team – Stormin’ Gorman’s)
Goalie – Bill Moore
Missy W
Dan Fetter
Graham B.
Jake W.
Tim Z.
Nic George
Eddie George
Holly K.

Captain – Barry V (Team – Barry’s Inferno)
Goalie – Jim Cox
Megan G
Steve Gorman
Mike Huber
Greg S.
Aaron C.

Captain – Matt Sui (Team – Hiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army)
Goalie – Sam G.
Carl M.
Aaron Tri
Daniel Lipkin
Sam Terfa
Sarah D
Corey E.

Captain Joe M (Average Joe’s)
Goalie – Coz
Jason F
Tommy Mac
Shae E.
Jeff N.
Christine C.
Jamie M.

Captain – Sheila (Team – Kahn’s Wrath)
Goalie – Matt P.
Colin B.
Lisa C/Mike O
Amy S.
Dave Peet
David T.
Kevin T.

Friday July 29 (2 – 25 min running time NO OT)
Pool A:
Game 1 – 6PM – Kahn vs Stormin’ Gorman’s
Game 2 – 7 PM – Stormin’ Gormans vs Barry’s Inferno
Game 3- 8 PM – Kahn vs Barry’s Inferno
Pool B:
Game 4 – 9 PM SHiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army vs The Guillotines
Game 5 – 10 PM The Guillotines vs Average Joes
Game 6 – 11 PM Average Joes vs Hiro-Sui-to’s Imperial Army

Saturday July 30
Game 7 – 11 AM – Pool B 2nd Seed vs Pool A 3rd Seed
Game 8 – 11:50 PM – Pool B 3rd Seed vs Pool A 2nd Seed
Game 9 – 12;40 PM – Pool A 1st Seed vs Winner of Game 7
Game 10 – 1:30 PM – Pool B 1st Seed vs Winner of Game 8
2:20ish – 4PM FAMILY SKATE (Open Skate time) There will also be some pizza provided!
Game 11 – 4:30 PM – 3rd Place – Loser of Game 9 & Loser of Game 10
Game 12 – 5:30 PM – Toilet Bowl – Loser of Game 7 & Loser of Game 8
Game 13 – 6:30 PM – “The Game that ends all Games” (Championship Game) – Winner of Game 9 & Winner of Game 10
7:30 and onwards – Come to JJ’s Clubhouse to eat, drink, and figure out the winner of the $500 prize Charity Board Dice game!

*There are 3 more MALE spots left – let me know if you’d like to join ASAP.
*Women – let me know if you want to get on the waitlist

Thank you again for those who signed up and those who are going donate/donated!
I appreciate everyone’s help for making this happen!!
I hope i didn’t forget anything but Email ([email protected]) or call/text 612-251-0933 if you have any questions!

Hi Friends!

I don’t know if ya’ll ever heard of the Stinky Can tournament but it has been running for 14 years and I believe has raised $96,000 for a Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Since they didn’t hold one this year I would love to continue the tradition of having a tournament raising $$$ for charity, especially one such as Make-a-Wish! I’m taking suggestions for names for the tournament, I am not very creative!

Game times will be similar as Past Stinky Can’s so that means expect to play Friday with game times starting from 6PM – 11PM (Yes you could finish at midnight suck it up). Then games start up again on Saturday 11am until 1:30 with a Family Ice Time (bring your family and friends to skate on the ice) from 1:30-4PM. Then Games again until the Championship at 6:30.

Teams will be drafted!

Again these are all preliminary but should stick pretty close to what the schedule comes out to if we fill the entire tournament.

Cost is $60 (I will take Paypal (Sheilac[email protected]), Venmo (Sheila-Cheng-1), Cash, or Check (payable to Sheila Cheng).

Once you pay – you’ll secure your spot.

If you wish to donate in addition on top of the entry fee, contact me and we’ll get it all figured out.

Also please let me know if you’d like to volunteer for the tourney, such as reffing, score keeping etc. iT would be MUCH appreciated!

Thank you,

Sheila Cheng


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