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2010-2019 The Decade In Review – The Broomball Magazine

Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on January 7, 2020 at 7:05:31 PM

2010 – Global warming begins, as 2010 is definitely the year of Inferno. The firebugs nearly sweep the majors!

A Blue’s victory (in their final season together) at the North American Championships not only ends a four year run in that tourney for Inferno, but stops them from collecting all the hardware for the season.

USA Broomball runs their first ever Global Championship in Blaine, and draws an outstanding field.

The USA Broomball National Championship is held in Blaine MN as well, and draws a still standing World Record for an indoor broomball tournament, as 69 teams participate!!

Goaltenders Chris “Sluggo” Blair and Kurt “Oly” Olson are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame

MSF Class A State Champion – Inferno over Blues
North American Champion – Blues over Inferno
USA Broomball National Champion (Blaine MN) – Inferno over Blues
Sin City Showdown – Full Tilt BC over PFI
Global Championships – Inferno over Odessa SK Outlaws

2011 – Inferno stays on top with wins at Nationals, and North Americans, both over Diablos.

Diablos hat tricks the keychains, as they are upset in the MSF State Championship by the Barons. Keep an eye on this core group of Barons, as it will not be the last time they shock America this decade.

Another key moment to pay attention too, Barrie’s Tavern (comprised of NY players only) shows up at Nationals in Duluth with only nine players. Retired player and then USA Broomball Tournament Director Dave St. Aubin joins the Syracuse clan for the weekend as something begins to brew,

In Vegas we see a rematch of last year’s final, as the Corey Swanson led Full Tilt BC beats Mike Rohde’s PFI team for the 2nd year in a row.

Kevin Denesen, Ann Flis, and Stewey Hansen are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame

MSF Class A State Champion – Barons over Diablos
North American Champion – Inferno over Diablos
USA Broomball National Champion (Duluth MN) – Inferno over Diablos
Sin City Showdown – Full Tilt BC over PFI

2012 – The MSF State Tournament continues to be the graveyard of favorites, as the USA Hawks come out of nowhere to capture the title. The aforementioned Chiarizia led Barrie’s Tavern/St. Aubin meeting in Duluth, and the sudden success of this USA Hawks team, have the two GM’s on the verge of creating something big!

Inferno continues their absolute dominance of the North American, winning it for a spectacular 6th time in 7 years. They also continue their mastery over The Diablo’s/Nomad Pub clan, beating them once again for the USA Broomball National Championship, this time in Blaine MN.

The Sin City in Vegas see’s the final time a NY/ON combo of Barrie’s Tavern will compete against Chiarizia’s soon to be teammates from Minnesota. The Syracuse based squad comes out on top, preventing Full Tilt BC’s bid for three-peat, and giving Barrie’s their 2nd ever title in Nevada, after battling the USA Blue/Blue’s group in the desert for more than a decade.

Another team put on the watch list surprisingly enough comes out of the Class D National Championship. The Sean Greene led Nomadic Horde from Washington DC gives us our first preview of coming attractions.

Tom Macalus and Mike Raeker are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame

MSF Class A State Champs – USA Hawks over Flames
North American Champion – Inferno
USA Broomball National Champion (Blaine MN) – Inferno over Nomad Pub
Sin City Showdown – Barrie’s Tavern over Full Tilt BC

2013 – One dynasty comes to a close, and another begins to build. Also scroll back to 2011 and recall our alert on The Baron’s.

Though it’s labeled as the 2012 World Tournament in Ottawa, in actuality it’s the start of the 2013 season. Inferno, and a decidedly new look Barrie’s Tavern are in Ottawa representing the USA. Inferno competes well but bows out in the QF’s, while Barrie’s stuns several Canadian powerhouses en route to a bronze medal finish.

The MSF State Tourney parade of underdog champions continues, as Furious (the core of that Baron’s group we told you to keep an eye on) defeats Geez for the title.

Furious is not done in 2013 however. Jason Revels shocks the new look Barrie’s Tavern team with an overtime goal in Oxford OH in the finals of the USA Broomball National Championships, defeating a club that had no less than 7 current or soon to be Hall of Famer’s. Furious now owns two majors this season!

The USA Hawks capture their 2nd major in as many years, defeating Inferno and ending the proud 6-time Champions stranglehold on the North American Championship.

Pat Clarkin and Lisa Spannbauer are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame, as are two legendary teams: USA Blue and USA Red

MSF Class A State Champion – Furious over Geez
North American Champion – USA Hawks over Inferno
USA Broomball National Champion – Furious over Barrie’s Tavern
Sin City Showdown – Co-Rec Only – Revel’s Repair over Lucid

2014 – The last dance for Inferno as they win their final Major. Barrie’s takes down its first National title.
An incredible Women’s field for the 2nd ever Global Championships. Watch list alert! Kelly Lake wins the Midwestern. A look back at some classic teams competing in the Meltdown.

Inferno ended the three year run of upset winners at MSF State, as they defeated co-favorite Barrie’s Tavern in the title tilt.

Barrie’s would return the favor in the National Championship contest, defeating Inferno in Blaine MN in what would be Infernos final game.

Barrie’s also would win the USA Broomball Global Championship held in Las Vegas NV in 2014, but the real story out of that Global was depth and quality of the Women’s field! Check out all the 2014 Global participants in Vegas

2014 Global Championship Field
Men – Barrie’s Tavern MN/NY, Lacombe ON, Flames MN, Nordic Stars MN, World United USA/AUS/CN
Women – Stars On, Huskies QB, Pumas ON, Prairie Fire SK, Harley’s NWT, Synergy MN, Mavericks MN,
Viper MN

2014 Meltdown Field
Barrie’s Tavern, Flames, Tonka Lift, Fargo Warriors, Turner Rd, Furious, NoBull, Kelly Lake, Billy’s

MSF Class A State Champion – Inferno over Barrie’s Tavern
North American Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over Inferno
USA Broomball National Champion (Blaine MN) – Barrie’s Tavern over Inferno
Global Championship (Las Vegas NV) Men – Barrie’s Tavern over Flames
Women – Stars over Huskies

2015 – The year of the Tavern, as Barrie’s wins an unprecedented 9 Championships in one season. One of the most incredible feats in USA Broomball history! Included in the run is a double-dip of Pogo’s at the Syracuse Can-Am (where at the time both teams were their respective countries defending National Champions). They would also capture the MSF State Championship, as well as their 2nd straight USA Broomball National Championship.

A new look Geez merges with the remaining active Inferno players and makes it to the finals of four tourneys. They are unable to upend red-hot BT in any of them.

The Nomadic Horde continues to build momentum, narrowly losing to the Ottawa Nationals in The Can/AM QF’s.

MSF Class A State Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over Geez
North American Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over Geez
USA Broomball National Champion (Fargo ND) Barrie’s Tavern over Geez
Global Championship (Las Vegas NV) Barrie’s West over Barrie’s East

2016 – A three-peat for Barrie’s. The Nomadic Horde is knocking on the door. Geez kicks the door in.

Barrie’s wins their 3rd straight USA Broomball National Championship before a packed house at Augsburg Arena in Mpls MN. Barrie’s was decidedly NOT the crowd favorite! They also capture the coveted Gold Broom Championship in Saskatchewan, putting them in the rarified air of the Rockets, USA Blue and Hansen Sports as the only four American based teams to ever win a Can/Am and Gold Broom.

Geez gets payback from the 2015 keychain nightmare, winning the 2016 MSF State Championship over Barrie’s Tavern, as well as the North American Championship (held for the 1st time ever at Vadnais Heights Arena in MN).

Richie Chiarizia, Trevor Kelsey, Jen Revels and Al “Woody” Stauffacher are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame.

MSF Class A State Champion – Geez over Barrie’s Tavern
North American Champion – Geez over Kelly Lake
USA Broomball National Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over Nomadic Horde

2017 – Scheming together since 2011 Barrie’s senior management takes a break after winning The Sin City Showdown over a game Quebec club, and begins prepping for the 2018 World Master’s. The rest of the team stays intact and picks up a new sponsor synonymous with Minnesota broomball greatness, Fred’s Tire. They don’t really lose a beat as they sweep The Majors!

First came the North American Championship. In a field containing powerhouses such as Kelly Lake and Geez, Fred’s would play the most improbable of all opponents in the Championship, The MN Muskrats.
The odds on the Muskrats reaching the chip were astronomical, and it is one of the greatest underdog runs in recorded history. Alas, Cinderella’s glass slipper was crushed to dust in the final, as Fred’s did not fool around acquiring their 3rd NA title in four years.

The MSF State Championship was next, and Fred’s would prevail 4-1 over Kelly Lake, in what was fast becoming a great rivalry.

The USA Broomball Championship in Pittsburgh PA was next, and if the crowd was hot against Barrie’s in 2016 vs the Nomadic Horde, it was absolutely rabid against them in the 2017 rematch. The last five minutes were bedlam as the Horde rallied furiously to force OT, but dead silence ensued as Fred’s prevailed once again.

A new twist to 2017 saw the rebirth of The International. A classic tournament founded by Mick Sletten back in the 80’s. During the tournament, legends from “The greatest game ever played” (the 1987 Tony Jaros v Mr. Bobs International Championship game) were honored with an on-ice ceremony. Geez would prevail over the Sun Devils, a combination of American and Canadian players.

MSF State Champion – Fred’s Tire over Kelly Lake
North American Champion – Fred’s Tire over MN Muskrats
International Champion – Geez over Sun Devils
USA Broomball National Champion (Pittsburgh PA) Fred’s Tire over Nomadic Horde
Sin City Showdown (Las Vegas NV) – Barrie’s Tavern over Broomshak QB

2018 – The most wide open year in the history of USA Broomball. Five different teams won tournaments over the course of the season – The MN Chiefs, Kelly Lake, C&L Excavating, Barrie’s Tavern and The Sun Devils.

It was the year of the” Blizzard in Blaine” during the National Championship, and the “hottest” contested Sin City Championship of all time.

Matt Street and Justus Foss, a pair of broomball junkies launch” Broomball Central” to the delight of the world-wide broomball community.

Three Minnesota teams played in the finals of The IFBA World Championships, as the Sun Devils captured the gold in the Men’s Masters Division, while the MN Chiefs took Silver in the Men’s main draw, as did the MN Reign in the Women’s Division.

The”watch alert” put on 2014 Midwestern Champion Kelly Lake finally delivers, as KL captures their first ever Major at the MSF State Championship.

Jim Kallstrom, Jeff Lacasse, A-T Marcek, Ann Miller and Greg Richard were inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame

MSF State Champion – Kelly Lake over MN Chiefs
North American Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over MN Chiefs
International Champion – Barrie’s Tavern over C&L Excavating
USA Broomball National Champion (Blaine MN) – C&L Excavating over Furious
Sin City Showdown (Las Vegas NV) Sun Devils over Met X

2019 – USA Broomball can’t escape the weather as a freak April blizzard once again paralyzes the site of the National Championships, this time in Fargo ND.

Legion BC (some of the group from the former Nomadic Horde) makes history as the first team predominately featuring players from outside of Minnesota to ever win the Class A USA Broomball
National Championship. For some on this team it is their 3rd appearance in the National Championship game in four years. They had previously added a Major to their resume the season before, defeating the Ottawa Nationals in the final of the Syracuse Can/Am.

Kelly Lake goes back to back as the MSF Class A State Champion.

C&L Excavating wins the North American Championship over a loaded squad of Canadian and American stars, as Barrie’s Tavern North America would collect all three keychains available for the 2019 Triple Crown series.

Barrie’s Tavern ceases American operations, closing the decade having competed in 46 tournaments, winning an absurd 34 of them in just eight years together.

Anna Gambos, Dan “Howard” Geiser, Rodney Olson, Sandi Peterson, Nicky Sneen, and Corey Swanson
Are inducted into the USA Broomball Hall of Fame

MSF State Champion – Kelly Lake over C&L Excavating
North American Champion – C&L Excavating over Barrie’s North America
International Champion – Kelly Lake over Barrie’s North America
USA Broomball National Champion (Fargo ND) – Legion BC over MN Chiefs
Sin City Showdown (Las Vegas NV) LesMingos QB over the Sun Devils

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