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Beginner’s Guide to Broomball

There’s a lot to know, but the rink is a good place to start!

Broomball is very similar to hockey, while adding in some soccer. Broomball is played in a hockey rink. Offsides is the same as hockey with a twist. The ball must pass the blueline before any offensive team player can enter the zone, but once the zone is established, to exit the zone the ball must cross the half line. Player subs and shifts are the same as hockey.

Some variations to hockey rules are worth discussing as well. Broomball is obviously played with a ball. Nets are 6 foot by 8 foot which are significantly larger then hockey nets. If the ball hits the netting above the glass and falls back into play, play continues.


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Next Steps…

Get involved! Find a league, find a team, and get in on the message board and join the other like minded people and start playing this great sport!  Email us with any question you have and we’ll give you the best direction possible.

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