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National Rankings - USA Broomball

The Mag: Top 10

American Men Top 10
Submitted By: The Broomball Magazine on December 30, 2019 at 3:58:28 PM

The Mag keeps working right through the Holidays!

The first Major of the year has been completed, and Kelly Lake has captured their first ever North American Championship!

A quick review to those subscriber’s new to The Mag. With regards to criteria for the American rankings. We give the most credit for positoning to teams (entered under their own name) competing in the following events (which we have deemed The Majors )

USA Broomball National Championships
International Championships
North American Championships
Syracuse Can/AM
MSF State Championship

We then consider other tournaments open to ALL classes in the following order
MN Meltdown
Riverside Classic
Twin City Open
Sin City Showdown
Midwestern Championship
Midwest Broomball Invitational

We do consider results from tournaments that prohibit Class A teams when we rank from #11 on down, and also use league results as available.

When publishing our sesason ending World Top 50 International Edition we add 7 more to the Major list in the following order –

CBF National Championships
IFBA World Championships
Ontario Provincial Championships
Quebec Provincial Championships
Canada Cup
Saskatoon Gold Broom
Saskatchewan Provincial Championships
(We are aware of excellent tournaments in Quebec, but have found their entry process and formats difficult to follow)

Okay- now that the longest pre-amble in Mag history is complete let’s fire em off!

1. Kelly Lake – Apple Valley MN
Back and forth, back and forth go The Laker’s and X-Men. After losing to Met X in pool play of the NA’s, Kelly Lake returned the favor and delivered a soul-crusing defeat to Met X in the Championship. Met X missed no less than three chances at the wide- open double OT goal frame before Jacob Broten and Pete Sikich delivered a 2 on 1 title clinching goal for KL. It was a near identical play to the one they pulled off to beat Barrie’s North American in last years International final. Deja Vu people! Compare the film and it is spooky. Kelly Lake has now claimed the TC Open, MN Meltdown, and North American Championship already this season.

2. Met X – The Grove MN
The Editor knows the feeling well. He was already engraving Barrie’s Tavern on the International trophy last year, as Jeff “Red” Bassett wound up on a turned sideways Tony Sikich in double OT of the final. Next thing he knew Broten and Sikich were at the other end of the rink and the ball was in the net.

In addition to the afore-mentioned open net chances for Met X in the 2nd OT, teen age sensation Hobey Stanton jetted free for two breakaways in the first OT. He narrowly missed a top-shelf flip chance #1, before blazing one by the KL keeper and hitting the inside post on chance #2. One more milimeter to the inside and it banks in off the iron. Unreal!

Oh well, this group is young and resilient and should have no trouble bouncing back in time for The Can/AM. Just a pleasure to watch as they fly around the rink! No less than ten players under the age of thirty, a rarity indeed for a highly ranked American team

3. MN Chiefs – Richfield MN
Wow! What a turn of events.

Seemed to score the late go ahead goal against KL in the NA SF. After signalling goal, the officials held the deadly conference of doom. The goal was switched to a high broom penalty and KL’s potent pp struck quick! The ever so brief 2-1 lead had turned into a 2-1 deficit, en route to a 4-2 L.
Still have yet to see the entire Tribe on the ice at the same time this year.

4. Legion BC – USA Collection
Holding steady until Can/Am moves them up or down.

5. Sticks&Stones – Mpls MN
No change since last

6. Furious – Mpls MN
Finally woke up! Played some very good broomball in making it to the final four of the NA’s. Huge leap up from the 11 spot.

7. Northern Invasion – Mpls MN
Down one spot as they failed to qualify for the NA round and were relegated to the MW. Not going to drop them any lower however, as am still impressed with their early season body of work.

8. Nordic Stars – Mpls MN
Jump up two spots from ten, as the venerable veterans qualified for the NA bracket.

9. C+ Eastern USA
Not doing anything wrong, other teams are just collecting more results

10. Wolves Blaine MN – Graduated from last years MW Champs to qualifying for the Main Event this year!
10. Outlaws Syracuse NY – The team will dictate their upward or downward mobility after the Can/Am.

Dropped out – MN Muskrats

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