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THE MAG STRIKES AGAIN!!! Worlds Tourney Recap

Thoughts on the 2018 world broomball championship from the greatest writer in broomball…THE MAG!!!

World Ramblings
Submitted By: THE Broomball Magazine on November 14, 2018 at 10:07:17 PM @

After days of putting up domes, putting in rinks, and having heart attacks watching NCAA D3 Womens Soccer, The Editor has finally banged out a post world recap. Enjoy loyal readers, it was a tourney to be remembered.

Wow, Wow, Wow! Championship Saturday was everything the IFBA could have hoped for! Throw out the lopsided Mixed Final (Broom Shak has proven on multiple occasions they are in a class of their own within the Mixed division) and the next three games were quite possibly the best 3.5 hours of broomball action ever witnessed. The bleachers were packed, the crowd was electric, and the level of play was unbelievable!

The Masters Gold Medal game pitted the defending World Champions, HPQ Silicon (Quebec legends from L’Assomption and Le Frost) against the Sun Devils, a team featuring players from iconic American dynasties Hansen Sports, USA Blue, USA Red and Barrie’s Tavern. The contest would be the first of three straight overtime, USA V Canada Gold Medal games.

The Sun Devils captured the Gold Medal as Tommy Macalus, member of USA Broomballs first family (there are three different Macalus HOF’ers) buried the rebound in OT, off a shot from “Mr World Tournament” Jeff LaCasse. LaCasse has now captured IFBA Gold in the Mixed Division (98 Flames), Men’s Division (02 USA Red), and the Master’s Division (18 Sun Devils). The Mag believes he is the only broomball player alive who can claim that accomplishment. Sun Devils goalkeeper Craig ‘This Is Garc” Garcia earned the Most Valuable Player designation
from the IFBA, and was spectacular throughout the week long tournament.

The Women’s Gold Medal contest pitted Amigo from Quebec against The Minnesota Reign. In a display of speed, skill, power, and finesse, these two teams traded chance after chance in the most incredible Women’s broomball game The Editor has ever witnessed.

Once again it would come down to OT (the short-handed OT scenario will be discussed later) and Quebec did not fool around with their golden opportunity. After making a save off the usual game ending one-timer from the right side, the Minnesota keeper Sam Gordon was unable to get completely square to a killer left sided one-timer from Quebec’s Cendrine Chouinard. The Quebec bench emptied in an epic celebration, and the singing from the Canadian fans in the stands rattled the rafters of the Super Rink for the new World Champions!

The first two games could not possibly be topped could they?

The Men’s final between the Ottawa Nationals and the Minnesota Chiefs stole the show!
The pace was furious, the goaltending was superb, the athleticism was amazing, and once again, two eighteen minute halves would not be enough to decide a victor!

After goals from Sebastien Gaudreault of the Nationals, and Andy Stickney of the Chiefs left us tied at one after regulation, one of the most incredible circumstances ever seen in an overtime occurred.

The Chiefs had escaped Ottawa’s initial possession it OT after Joe Kealey, taking a 360 route around the goal, had a potential chance to end it with his patented backhand flip. He held up, decided to go on a bit more of a loop, and launched a blast that went wide. Johnny “Broomball” Seitz picked up the rebound and threaded a stretch pass to Jeremey McJunkin to gain the zone for the Chiefs.

That’s when the sequence that will be talked about for years to come occurred. Andy Stickney appeared to make run in front of McJunkin (to perhaps set a pick). Kealey, sensing a chance to cause chaos, plowed through the pick, knocking Stickney off his feet, and into the ball McJunkin was just passing. Jeremiah Weideman, looking like he had just been shot out of a cannon, unleashed his gazelle like speed and raced to the loose ball, picking it up and streaking in on a breakaway. He dropped a devastating left to right hand move on goaltender Dan Shugarts that cleanly beat him to the far post, and the victory celebration ensued!

The Editor has watched the replay several times and has still not come to a conclusion. Was it interference on Stickney, followed by roughing or interference by Kealey? It could have been both, but certainly not a power play for either. Perhaps the no call was the correct way to go? Either way, it was a stunning finish by Weideman, arguably the best player in the world, playing for the undisputed best TEAM in the world, The Ottawa Nationals.

The 2018 Gold Medal represents the 5th World Championship for The Ottawa Nationals ( dating back to their very first in 2000) making them the undisputed Kings of the bi-annual IFBA Event!

Congrats to all the 2018 World Champions
Mixed – Broomshak Quebec, Canada
Women’s – Amigo Quebec, Canada
Master’s – Sun Devils Minnesota/ New York, United States
Men’s – Ottawa Nationals, Ontario Canada

As we close the chapter on the 2018 World Championships, we here at The Mag implore the IFBA to do away with the 3v2 scenario when a penalty occurs in overtime. A team with an excellent power play unit in broomball scores at around a 30-35% clip. In USA Broomball and the CBF when a penalty occurs in overtime the 4v3 scenario will usually see a goal occur roughly 50% of the time. The 3v2 IFBA scenario is a death sentence, and ends games at a nearly 90% rate, it is a cheap gimmicky way to end a game, and not emblematic of how a World Championship should be decided. The old 4v4 no goaltender had more credibility than 3v2. Please make 2018 be the last time it is ever utilized.

THE Broomball Magazine

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