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The Empire Strikes Back: A Broomball Story

The Empire Strikes Back

After falling in the semifinals to Kelly Lake in the Minnesota State Championships, Barries Tavern rebounds with a 2-1 OT victory in the IBC final to claim the title.

An unrecorded game this was not witnessed by a Broomball Central Ambassador, Broomball Central was unable to verify the game play other than by word of mouth (this is a good segway to ask for user content!). It was a closely contested game dominated by C&L goaltending. Corey Swanson, formerly the goalie for the juggernaut Inferno, held the game close. Barries ultimately wore down C&L.

The game sounds like it was not without controversy. With about 30 seconds left in the game, a C&L player found himself alone with space entering the Barries Zone, seemingly on a quazi-breakaway, when he was torpedoed from the size by an opposing Barries player. The play resulted in a no-call and the play forced overtime where Barries proved victorious.

Edit: We have removed the last sentence from the prior article.  We are striving for fair, accurate, unbiased, and factual commentary on games, and will do our best to leave out objective analysis that favors one team vs. another.

We are constantly looking for original content, so please feel free to submit your own articles and game reviews.  We will work with you to edit for accuracy and fairness. 

Other tournament notes:

  • Barries had an impressive run in the tournament going 5-0 with a goal differential of +13 knocking off many of the top teams in the county. Look at them as the favorite in any tournament including Nationals.
  • Despite a 1-2 record after pool play, C&L found itself in the championship with a 1-0 OT victory over Kelly Lake in the semifinals (and also beat Kelly Lake during pool play). C&L only scored four goals the entire tournament.
  • Kelly Lake showed themselves impressive once again looking the part as the Minnesota State Champions. They will look to contend for the National title in a few weeks.
  • The MN Chiefs didn’t look as sharp or dominating as they did in at State. An unfortunate bounce in OT in the State Final may have had a slight carry-over to the IBC. Don’t let this fool anyone though, the team is built for a run, one that will include years to come.
  • Furious did what they do best, stay in games. As a team you can never count out of any contest does seem to have its number picked by Barries Tavern who seem to have an edge over the squad. Otherwise, Furious continues to be a tough opponent to face.
  • The smallest roster of the tournament, despite a winless run, may have made the most noise. Legion, who played with 9 players, showed heart and class with their never say die attitude. Each game was close, but they eventually ran out of gas. Look for a underdog role coming into Nationals.




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