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The 3rd Annual Charm City Broomball Tournament

The 3rd Annual Charm City Broomball Tournament will commence on Friday February 28, 2020.

The tournament is set! The schedule is here

Tourney will be Live Streamed!!!!!

Your 2020 Quest for the Crab challengers are as follows:

  • BC/DC
  • Carnivorous Trees
  • Controlled Chaos
  • Midnight Riders
  • Patterson Park After Dark
  • Roadrunners
  • Southern Heat
  • Van Buren Boys
Please check out the requirements below
8 teams
4 game guarantee.
A Players-1 per team
B Players-2 per team, except if an A player is on the roster. 1A=2Bs
C/D Players-All are welcome
Player rankings go by the last Nationals tournament an individual played in. Example, you got snowed in Baltimore last year then you would be ranked by your 2018 appearance.
Also, if you won your bracket at Nationals you immediately advance up a level. Example, Agents won B in 2019, therefore they are all considered A players. (Note: All women regardless of rank are eligible).
2 women runners
Goalie position is gender-less
All players must wear helmets, broomball shoes, same color jerseys/shirts with numbers on the back. No taped numbers.
Tournament rules are based upon USA Broomball rules with some modifications (rules will be provided to team captains and posted online)
Captains are to download the team waiver form, fill out and send back to AJ prior to February 17, 2020
Lastly, this is a C/D tournament with obvious modifications. We want to be as inclusive as possible, but our goal is to make it as competitive as possible while allowing less experienced players the opportunity to get in on tournament fun!
Can’t wait to see everyone on the ice,

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