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Syracuse CAN-AM

Syracuse Can-Am Thank You!

Rich and I would like to thank all of those who attended this years Syracuse Can-am and congratulations to all of the winners. There were so many good games all weekend long on both the men’s and the women’s side. We knew all of the men’s divisions were going to be entertaining. But what a big leap forward for the women’s division. I am hopeful this continues to accelerate all women’s programs and there is no doubt they have huge event to look forward to each year at the Can-Am. Three of the final’s went to double overtime and the men’s C was an entertaining 1 goal game. All of the Sunday’s finals capped off a great weekend.

Fantastic job from the outstanding referee’s we assembled. We promised a significant upgrade and the referee’s delivered on that promise. Thank you new HOFer Rodney for placing the referee’s in the right games and working closely with us.

Huge thank you to the Outlaws/Syracuse United bunch for all the time you put in helping us put on this great event. You put in the long hours with us all weekend long!

Broomball Central continues to raise the bar on showcasing our games online. Next year we will try to get both rinks air time!!

To the odd’s makers…those half points and the low over/under knowledge put’s you in Vegas territory.

We will be sending out next years dates soon. We are already working on more improvements to the event if that is possible. Rich and I have already started to plan.

Next up, International. See you all there!


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