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Syracuse Can-Am LIVE STREAMED ON YOUTUBE Brackets-Schedule-Lines!




Broomball Central Live Stream


Syracuse Can-Am Teams,

Just a few last things for all of you before the weekend.  First, attached is a roster form each team will need to fill out and turned in 30 minutes before your first game.  Player signatures, numbers, and normal hand writing for printed name is necessary (we need to be able to read it).  If you do have the chance, sending me your roster without signatures tonight or tomorrow (numbers included), that will be helpful so we can fill out our game sheets and also have the correct names to Broomball Central who will be calling games live on their youtube website.

If any team has players they know that wants to play and does not have a team, I have 1 team that needs 2 players to fill out their roster in the C division. For those that do not want breakfast at the hotel, ask the receptionist for directions to the Gem diner.  It is about a third of a mile from the hotel.  If you want a neat place to eat for lunch or dinner, the Preserve is also about a third of a mile from the hotel.  Embassy may shuttle you there if you want.  There is also the mall with plenty of other restaurants.  The Gem and the Preserve are owned by the same person so they know you are in town. The NEW scoring process and overtime rules are on the standings/scores portion of the website that we uploaded earlier in the week.  We will update the scores as they finish so everyone can see them at home and everyone can look at from their phone.  We did this last year and it was a huge success.  It also explains overtime and mercy rule. We will be playing USA Broomball rules, no contact and floating blue line.  One rule with USA Broomball some are not aware of, if the ball hits the back of the net from a shot behind the goal (ask the referee to explain the net zone) and the ball stays in play, then play continues.  Also, teams can now bring the ball back out of the zone (to your side of the ice past the red line) if your team has entered the offensive zone.  In the past, that would have been blown dead for a face-off.  USA Broomball has eliminated this rule this year.  If you have a question about the rules, please ask the referee’s.  I will get the rules up tomorrow but as we have found out over the years, nobody reads them until they ask the referee questions and almost everyone has played by these rules. All teams must supply a game ball. Safe travels to all and we look forward to seeing everyone!!


Syracuse Can-Am Teams,

All games on the Championship rink will be live streamed over the weekend.  We are going to try a new multi camera system and definitely could use some help if anyone is interested.  Contact us a [email protected] or chat with us at the rink.  All games will be saved and viewable at  BROOMBALL CENTRALS YOUTUBE PAGE.  Please Subscribe/Like/Share.



*8:00am Syracuse United +2.5 vs Ontario Wolfpack -2.5 o/u 4.5
8:00am Iceplex Broomball -1.5 vs Woody’s +1.5 o/u 3.5
*8:50am Cuse +3.5 vs Kameleons -3.5 o/u 4.5
8:50am Boston Broomins +1.5 vs Top Shelf -1.5 o/u 3.5
*9:40am Spitfire -5.5 vs Cobourg +5.5 o/u 5.5 (Spitfire -3.5 HT line)
9:40am Vikings +1.5 vs Furious -1.5 o/u 3.5
*10:30am NJ Saints +3.5 vs Legion -3.5 o/u 4.5 (Legion -2.5 HT line)
10:30am Mavericks +1.5 vs MWBP1 -1.5 o/u 2.5
*11:20am Eastern Stealth -.5 vs Dynamites +.5 o/u 2.5
11:20am The Nighthawks -.5 vs MWBP2 +.5 o/u 2.5
*12:10pm Syracuse United -.5 vs Woody’s +.5 o/u 3.5
12:10pm Iceplex Broomball +1.5 vs Ontario Wolfpack -1.5 o/u 3.5
*1:00pm Cuse +1.5 vs Top Shelf -1.5 o/u 3.5
1:00pm Boston Broomins +.5 vs Kameleons -.5 o/u 3.5


Finally some ACTION!
5:00pm Syracuse United -1.5 vs Iceplex Broomball +1.5 o/u 5.5
5:50pm Boston Broomins +.5 vs ‘Cuse -.5 o/u 4.5
6:40pm Outlaws +2.5 vs Spitfire -2.5 o/u 5.5
7:30pm Agents -1.5 vs Eastern Stealth +1.5 o/u 3.5
8:20pm Helicopters -2.5 vs NJ Saints +2.5 o/u 5.5
9:10pm Valley Gamblers -.5 vs Furious +.5 o/u 5.5
10:00pm Helicopters +.5 vs Legion -.5 o/u 4.5
10:50pm Agents +1.5 vs Dynamites -1.5 o/u 3.5 SUPER DEGENERATE other rink non-televised BONUS_______________
5:00pm Ontario Wolfpack +1.5 vs Oshawa Mob -1.5 o/u 5.5
5:50pm Top Shelf -2.5 vs Kameleons +2.5 o/u 5.5
6:40pm Valley Gamblers -1.5 vs Vikings +1.5 o/u 5.5
7:30pm Broomstormers -.5 vs Mavericks +.5 o/u 2.5
8:20pm Vortex +1.5 vs The Nighthawks -1.5 o/u 3.5
9:10pm Outlaws -.5 vs Cobourg +.5 0/u 3.5
10:00pm Broomstormers +2.5 vs MWBP1 -2.5 o/u 4.5
10:50pm Vortex -1.5 vs MWBP2 +1.5 o/u 3.5


*1:50p Vikings -3.5 vs NJ Saints +3.5 o/u 5.5
2:40p Furious -2.5 vs Outlaws +2.5 o/u 3.5
*2:40p Helicopters -5.5 vs Cobourg +5.5 o/u 6.5
*3:30p Valley Gamblers -1.5 vs Legion +1.5 o/u 4.5
*Live Streamed ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
*7:40pm Furious +.5 vs Helicopters -.5 o/u 3.5
7:40pm Outlaws -2.5 vs Cobourg +2.5 o/u 4.5
*8:30pm Spitfire -.5 vs Valley Gamblers +.5 o/u 3.5
8:30pm Legion -1.5 vs Vikings +1.5 o/u 4.5
*Live Streamed

All game times listed are in the Eastern time zone. GOOD LUCK!

Click the link below to watch the games live on any connected device that can stream YouTube.

Broomball Central Live Stream


Updated Rules and Scoring will be posted soon.  We made some adjustments to last years rules to better match USA Broomball “non-checking” rules. We will have updated scoring once again online so all teams/players/fans at home can see all of the scores from cell phones and computers. Broomball Central will be sending the games to Youtube once again!!  The work done at Worlds was nothing short of fantastic and another huge step in bringing broomball into homes around the world. Good luck to all teams! Kevin and Rich



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