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Syracuse Can-Am Teams,

We have officially closed registration for this years Syracuse Can-Am.  When Richie and I got together at the last day of last years Can-Am, we knew it was time to take another giant step into a direction that would bring the event back to where it was in it’s glory days and to also give the Can-Am the much needed upgrade it deserved.  With so many new things we have added to this years event, we have seen all of our divisions fill including the new Men’s C/D.  Now it is almost time to see your teams perform.

Things teams need to complete:

-Teams must be paid in full as soon as possible.  Almost all teams are paid.
(yes, we are aware of the Canadian mail strike)
-Teams must have the roster and waiver form completed and signed and turned in upon arrival for first game with jersey numbers.
-Teams must book their rooms from our website (we are a stay to play and if the rooms are completely booked, please contact Jenna at Embassy and they will book you to a hotel very close).  Make sure you place the correct dates of stay in the areas needed.   Otherwise you will not see the complete list of room available.
-ALL teams must have 2 matching sets of uniforms with numbers.
Brackets and schedules are now online at the link below.  ALL teams will play at least 1 game Friday evening and some teams will play 2 games.  No team will be exempt from a Friday game.  There are 2 versions of the schedule.  One is a shortened version.  One is a longer version with descriptions.  Please look at both so there is no confusion.  If you see a mistake, please notify us immediately.  We will continue to proof it ourselves.

Updated Rules and Scoring will be posted soon.  We made some adjustments to last years rules to better match USA Broomball “non-checking” rules.
We will have updated scoring once again online so all teams/players/fans at home can see all of the scores from cell phones and computers.
Broomball Central will be sending the games to Youtube once again!!  The work done at Worlds was nothing short of fantastic and another huge step in bringing broomball into homes around the world.
Good luck to all teams!
Kevin and Rich

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