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IBC Tournament

LIVE STREAM, Schedule, Rules & Live Scores: The 2019 International Broomball Championships (IBC)

Please refer to all schedule changes at the Augsburg Arena. This is the most up to date as of March 14th, 2019.

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Schedule For 2019 International Championships

Submitted By: Premier Broomball Inc on March 14, 2019 at 12:35:08 PM
Augsburg Arena 2323 Riverside Ave Mpls MN 

Elite Division 
Pool A 

Legion BC 
C&L Excavating 
Barrie’s Tavern North America 

Pool B 
MN Chiefs 
Kelly Lake 

Intermediate Division 
Pool C 

Station 280 
Rochester United 
Watkins Legion 

Pool D 
Nordic Devils 
Ice Mafia 

Friday March 22 
Rink A 

6:30p Kelly Lake v Furious 
7:20p Legion BC v C&L 
8:10p Kelly Lake v MN Chiefs 
9:00p Barrie’s NA v Legion BC 
9:50p MN Chiefs v Furious 
10:40p Barrie’s NA v C&L 
11:30p Wolves v RU 

Rink B 
6:30p Nordic Devils v Ice Mafia 
7:20p Flames v C+ 
8:10p 280 v Wolves 
9:00p RU v Watkins 
9:50p Nordic Devils v C+ 
10:40p Ice Mafia v Flames 
11:30p 280 v Watkins 

Saturday March 23 
Rink A 

11:30a Nordic Devils v Flames 
12:20p 280 v RU 
1:10p Kelly Lake v C&L 
2:00p MN Chiefs v Legion BC 
2:50p INT QF 
3:40p INT QF 
5:00p Elite QF 
5:50p Elite QF 
6:40p Elite SF 
7:30p Elite SF 
8:40p INT Final 
9:30p Elite Final 

Rink B 
11:30a C+ v Ice Mafia 
12:20p Wolves v Watkins 
1:10p Barrie’s NA v Furious 
2:00p INT QF 
2:50p INT QF 
5:00p INT SF 
5:50p INT SF

Rules For International

Submitted By: Dave on March 19, 2019 at 11:12:27 AM

Busy busy in March and forgot to post request for rosters and inform teams of the must play two pool games rule. As a result I will NOT be enforcing the pool play requirment for this years event. That would not be fair to impose at this late juncture. 

Please either email your roster (17 limit) to [email protected] or turn in on site prior to your first game. No player may be added after the start of your first game. 

All games played under USA Broomball non-contact rules 
*Running time will ensue at any point the goal differential reaches four 
*Mercy rule will be invoked at any point the goal differential reaches six 
*Teams will be seeded based on two points for a win and one point for an overtime loss 
*Any pool game ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goalie) sudden death OT 
*Any playoff game ending in a tie will play a five minute sudden death OT period 4v4 plus goalies. If still tied 4v4 no goalie sudden death OT will ensue 
*Players may only play in one division of play (Elite or Intermediate) 

Tie Break 
Head to head result between two teams tied in total points 

1. Best goal differential in games between the tied teams 
2. Least goals allowed in games between the tied teams 
3. Most goals scored in games between the tied teams 
4. Best goal differential in all games 
5. Least goals allowed in all games 
6. Most goals scored in all games 

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