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Twin Cities Open

Schedule: 7th Annual Twin City Open July 19&20

Schedule For The 7th Annual Twin City Open July 19&20 – Check carefully, changes were made on 7/13 

Men’s Division 
Kelly Lake 
MN Chiefs 
Ice Mafia 
MN Fighting Saints 
Met X 

Women’s Division 

Friday July 19 
Rink A 

6:00p Ice Mafia v MN Fighting Saints 
6:50p SFO v Kelly Lake 
7:40p MN Chiefs v Met X 
8:30p MN Fighting Saints v SFO 
9:20p Ice Mafia v Met X 
10:10p MN Chiefs v Kelly Lake 

Saturday July 20 
Rink A 
11:00a SFO v Ice Mafia 
11:50a Kelly Lake v Met X 
12:40p SFO v MN Chiefs 
1:30p MNW2 v MNW3 
2:20p Women 2nd place v Women 3rd place 
3:10p Men QF 3rd v 6th 
4:30p Men SF 1st place v Rink B 3:10 winner 
5:20p Women Final 1st place v 2:20p winner 
6:10p Men Final 

Rink B 
11:00a MN Chiefs v MN Fighting Saints 
11:50a MNW1 v MNW2 
12:40p MNW1 v MNW3 
1:30p Kelly Lake v Ice Mafia 
2:20p Met X v MN Fighting Saints 
3:10p Men QF 4th place v 5th place 
4:30p Men SF 2nd place v Rink A 3:10p winner 

Teams will be seeded based on 3 points for a win and 1 point for an overtime loss. 

*running time will ensue at ANY point the goal differential reaches 4 
*the mercy rule will be invoked at ANY point the goal differential reaches 6 
*pool play games ending in a tie will play 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death OT 

Note this experimental rule – Playoff games ending in a tie will play a ten minute, stop time, sudden death overtime period. 3v3 PLUS goaltenders. The NHL rule for penalties in overtime will be implemented for this 10 minute period. If still tied 4v4 (no goaltender) sudden death shall ensue 

All other USA Broomball rules will apply

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