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Results: Chiefs & W4 win 15th Annual TC OPEN!


The 15th annual Tc open went off without a hitch at the new friendly confines of the Charles Shultz Arena.  With the Friday night games starting at 6pm and the Finals at 2:15pm the following day, teams played up to 5 games in 20 hrs.  With the absence of Barries Taven and the addition of players preparing for the 2018 Worlds Broomball Championship, most rosters reached the 17 man limit, which made for a fast paced, action packed and overall, evenly matched play. These 5 Mens teams (along with a couple more) will be representing the USA in October, for the holy grail of all broomball trophies.  Results below.


Sun Devils vs. Syracuse Outlaws 2-0
Kelly Lake v C&L Excavating 2-1
Chiefs v Syracuse 5-0
Kelly Lake v Sun Devils 4-0
C&L v Chiefs 0-0


Kelly Lake v Syracuse 3-1
C&L v Sun Devils 3-0
Chiefs v Kelly Lake 2-0
C&L v Syracuse 5-0
Chiefs v Sun Devils 2-0


MN Chiefs v Kelly Lake 2-1


W4 wins the tournament undefeated! Their fast and tenacious forwards outmatched their opponent’s.  The defense and goalie were impenetrable,  which resulted in 0 goals against the entire tournament.

The tournament was exciting with some upsets and great outcomes!
Each team for the women’s was drafted by the coaches.
Casey Gibbons, Grant Dawson, Jim Cox, and Mike Lyga were the head coaches of each team. Several of the coaches also had assistants which included Chippy, Dana Effertz, Tracy Trembly, Keith Clepperand Mike Rohde. (Many many thanks for those who volunteered which include the coaches, assistants, assessors, etc! Sorry if you were missed but know you’re appreciated!)

Some exciting highlights:

W2 held W4 to one goal in a 1-0 loss, much attributed to Lynn Whalen’s amazing goal tending.
W3 team lost 1-0 against W4 team in pool play. They played a very solid defensive game and Casey’s team had a difficult time finding the net. Darla did a great job at goal tending.
W3 upset W1 winning 2-1 with a controversial goal within the last 5 minutes as it may have been “redirected” into the net. W1 dominated the majority of the game but couldn’t find the back of the net.
W4  won 3-0 against W3 team in the final.  W3 played the game prior which was a disadvantage due to short benches.
It was exciting to see how the women’s program has been progressing and I can’t wait to see the see what else they have in store! Kudos to those who are participating and those helping and volunteering!

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