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Rankings BBC Ambassador Poll – December 2018

After a 2018 North American Championship C&L has claimed the top spot on the Ambassador Broomball Central Poll. Former #1’s MN Chiefs will look to challenge for the top spot come in Internationals in March. Rounding out the top 5 shows familiar foes the Canadian special Barrie’s Tavern, the Legion boys and our favorite Sikich family at number 5.

The biggest drop is that of Rochester United who has struggled in tournaments thus far, dropping all the way to number 19 after finishing last season at #7. Flames resurrect themselves from unranked to #11. New members to the poll Ice Mafia, with Broomball Central sponsor 5ivehole jerseys, finds themselves at #15.

RankListAverage Rank
1C&L Excavating1.000
2MN Chiefs2.333
3Barrie’s Tavern2.667
4Legion BC4.000
5Kelly Lake5.000
7Nordic Stars7.333
10MN Bombers10.000
11MN Flames11.333
12Sticks & Stones12.333
13NJ Saints14.000
14DC Legislators15.667
15Ice Mafia15.667
16MN Muskrats15.667
18Mel’s Boys17.000
19Rochester United18.333
20Indiana Invaders20.000
21Ohio Bombers21.000
23Top Shelf23.667
24Station 28025.000

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