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MN Meltdown Musings

Another tourney is in the books, the first leg of the Triple Crown to be exact. I was unable to see all teams play but here’s my take.


Kelly Lake – they’re on a run! They have the added advantage of missing some historically important teams from the early season field, but make no mistake, they are deserving! The Meltdown Champs have a ton of talent, and they play a disciplined (usually) game. I think the last national tournament was a wakeup call for this group. I reckon they’ll be going for a run, of winning consecutive tournaments that is. Can any team ever match a historical run by some Tavern’s teams? We’ll see. But these guys have a few more tournament victories set in their sights this season. There are a few truly elite teams this year, this team sits on top.


Met-X – This team is learning how to win. Tally up the overtime losses they have accrued so far, and you’ll see, it will pay off down the road. The core of this team is extremely fast, and talented. You can see the game transitioning to fit their strengths. I appreciate how hard and physical they play. I like the competitiveness of ‘A’ broomball. I don’t like when one player shoves another player from behind into the boards. Potential for significant injury exists. Play hard, don’t play dirty.


Chiefs – looks like a reunion for many of the core players. Also, did someone unretired? They looked disjointed this year and had varying appearances depending on the day. They’ll be competitive in every tournament they enter. They play hard, they play smart, but playing against fast competition seems to give them some trouble. Placing a (-1.5) tournament victory line on them for the year. Anyone taking the over? (Disclaimer: I don’t know how to bet, but apparently there’s some degenerates that play broomball)


C+ – Congratulations on a stellar tournament! Surprise appearance at that stage of the tournament for a thriving and evolving US broomball scene outside of MN! Determination and hustle, you can get a lot accomplished with those as the two cornerstones to your game.


Wolves – They’ve got some talent, but are hot and cold. Losing games they shouldn’t, and winning games the seeming don’t have any business doing so in. Could’ve locked up a top 3 seed for bracket play, but wilted. Keep grinding gentlemen.


Northern Invasion – Decent tournament overall for this crew. They can compete, they were sloppy at times, not quite fast enough for the truly elite teams, and need a playmaker or two to be consistent. Upper middle of the pack team.


Furious – Appear to have added some future Hall of Fame depth to the roster. They show up and compete, always around to steal a game or two, not sure their days of stealing tournaments is still in the now.


Ice Mafia & Red Rock – I don’t think enough can be said about some of the lower teams. They show up, fill out tournament fields and compete. This sport is about hanging on long enough to one day get over the hump and compete with the upper echelon. My hats off to these two teams. The rosters fluctuate, but many familiar faces remain. Keep showing up, keep striving to improve, you’ll steal some games and get some momentum. I appreciate that these teams don’t appear to quit.


Outlaws – Sounds like some unfortunate turn of events caused some major bailouts for this squad. They got enough together to form a team, and played every game hard.


Has anyone seen Matt and Ty? They should talk about this stuff…Legion, C&L, S&S, Rochester, Muskrats, you guys still exist?…Lots of stacked teams, are teams dying off?

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