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Dreams and Memories at TJ Oshie’s Super Service Challenge Tournament

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Trophies and banners are nice but broomball is so much more.  It is the ideal platform for communities to come together, serve others, and improve the well-being of all.  Here are my reasons why the Super Service Challenge Tournament, hosted by TJ Oshie and Warroad, is on another level:

Warroad: A Community Connected

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Located 6 miles from Canada with a population of about 1,760, Warroad, MN is a special place.  The town produces elite athletes that compete and succeed at all levels of play.  If you want to win, you’ll need a player from Warroad.  What’s their secret? A community connected.

While small in numbers, vision and passion fuel the Warroad community.  Volunteers, businesses, and social organizations come together to ensure free ice time at the Olympic Arena and in backyard rinks.  Click here and here to see it in action.

The Warroad community knows and understands that ice is the best platform to create memories.  Whether on the lake, rink, or pond, ice does not need coaches or referees.  For hours on end, kids play, work on their skills, and learn to get along.  These lessons and memories are the foundation for you to reach your full potential.  Altogether, Warroad uses ice to create a rich tradition fueled by passion, and where dreams are obtainable.

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Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation: Building Towards Breakthroughs

Sadly, Alzheimer’s disease can take away those dreams and memories.  Click here to see Mr. Oshie explain how Alzheimer’s impacts his family.

Alzheimer’s affects more than 44 million people.  It’s the only top 10 cause of death that cannot be prevented, cured or slowed.  The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) looks to change that.

No alt text provided for this imageResearch and potential drug discoveries are not far enough in the development pipeline to attract support from the private and government sectors.  ADDF assumes the risk and bridges the funding gap.  By funding preclinical drug discovery and early-stage clinical trials, ADDF ensures that potential breakthroughs do not fall into the “Valley of Death” (where good ideas go to die).  ADDF provides scientists the platform to pursue innovative ideas to cure this disease that would otherwise go unexplored.  Click here to learn more.

Super Service Challenge: Growing People, Business, and Community

Super Service Challenge

Warroad’s and AADF’s purpose is linked to a platform where anyone can reach their full potential.  The world is finally catching on.

The latest Business Roundtable’s Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation reveals a shift in vision, with businesses taking a holistic view of purpose.  Companies can focus on creating long-term value and serve everyone – employees, communities, customers, and investors.  The Super Service Challenge is the next step in that transformation.

SSC celebrates the service of employees and invests in their well-being.  Michele Bolos, CEO of NT Concepts, gives her employees 8 voluntary hours a year to create teams and serve organizations near and dear to their hearts.  Click here for her full description (as well as NFL’s Drew Brees) of how SSC enhances the well-being of an organization, its employees, and the community.

Broomball and the MedStar Capitals Iceplex: Bringing Everyone Together

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Who would think broomball could bring these groups together and partner with NT Concepts, AppliediS, KippsDeSanto, PagnatoKarp, and Inc. CEO Project to raise money for the fight against Alzheimer’s? The Medstar Capitals Iceplex, the home rink of the Washington Capitals, have such vision.

The Capitals organization and the Medstar Iceplex have been great supporters of broomball.  Along with hosting community pick up events, they partner with local clubs for exhibitions and showcases at the Capital One Arena.  Click here and here for the experience.  As such, Medstar Iceplex and the Capitals organization present themselves as the perfect platform for a community to come together.

Tournament Results

4 hours of ice produced $40,000 in donations.  The Warroad experience was transplanted to Arlington, VA, as the Medstar Iceplex produced memories.  Co-workers and friends grew closer as they ran and slid on the ice, trying to score goals.  Executives saw the talent, vision, and passion within their workforce, as their true character was revealed.

Introductory, developing, and elite players came together to learn from and support each other.  Veteran players finally understood that true victory comes when you give your time, talent, and treasure to those in need.

And we are one step closer in the quest to find a cure.

Like the Oshie family, I have come to see and accept that Alzheimer’s is my future.  The disease will erase my dreams and memories.  I will not remember friends, family, and game results.  But thanks to AADF, leaders like Ms. Bolos and Mr. Oshie, and a community committed to improving the well-being of all, I can see a different world.

Broomball’s greatest value is that it creates an experience that anyone can enjoy, and expands an ice rink’s base to the non-skater.  It is a platform for anyone to reach their full potential, connect with others, and dream.  Broomball is where I can dream of a world where memories will stick with me forever–“you can guarantee that.”



“With this brand, that shares the namesake of my hockey haven, I hope in some way I can begin to give back. To do so, we give 5% of all profits at to two very important organizations. First, Warroad Youth Hockey… to help the next 10 year old kid with the same dream I had; and second to the The Alzheimers Association (, the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research.”
– TJ Oshie


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