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Dave St. Aubin’s 2018 Would-have-been American World’s Roster

Dave St. Aubin and the BT’s Broomball Podcast boys had quite the interesting three hour conversation where many topics were covered. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to that two part series, it is a must listen as a broomballer, and you can find it here on as well as Stitcher.

One topic was what team Dave would have put together to win the 2018 Worlds tournament. The MN Chiefs were an overtime goal away from claiming the title for themselves and Kelly Lake lost out to the eventual champions Ottawa Nationals in overtime as well. The other Worlds contending American team was C&L Excavating who lost to MN Chiefs in the quarterfinals 1-0. You’ll see all three teams represented in Dave’s Worlds team below.

How would YOU structure an All-American team for a one off tournament? For our Canadian readers, what would YOU do? Comment below or email into us and let us know, [email protected]. We will compile the results and let you all know! 15 players (9 forwards and 6 defensemen) and 2 goalies. Lets hear it?!

Dave St. Aubin’s 2018 Would-have-been American World’s Roster

F – Johnny “Broomball” Seitz (MN Chiefs) – Pete Sikich  (Kelly Lake) – Wyatt Stanton (MN Chiefs)

F – Erin “Schuey” Schumacher (C&L) – Kevin Purrington (C&L) – Hobey Stanton (MN Chiefs)

F – Dave “DC” Carroll (MN Chiefs) – Matthew “Moes” Moseley (MN Chiefs) – Jeremy Gill (MN Chiefs)

D – Tony Sikich (Kelly Lake) – Andrew “Sticks” Stickney (MN Chiefs)

D – Jonathan Jaunty (C&L) – Quinn Schmitt (C&L)

D – Cam Courtright (Kelly Lake) – Blake Stanton (MN Chiefs)

G – Dan “Shrugs” Shugarts (MN Chiefs)

G – Corey Swanson (C&L)

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