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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Loves Broomball!

During the week leading up to the Superbowl in Minneapolis, I had an opportunity to work with NBC sports in filming an “MN outdoor activities” segment featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rutledge Wood. Dale and Rutt spent an entire day participating in ice fishing, snowmobiling and playing broomball all on Lake Minnetonka. They also stopped by a local park to try out skijoring. The 3 minute segment aired during the NBC superbowl pre-game show. The broomball segment is the entire 2nd half of the video starting at minute 1:33:

Prior to the segment airing, Dale Jr. spoke with Dan Patrick suring the Superbowl Pregam Show. He noted “I had the most fun playing broomball this week and I see myself playing broomball a lot in the future”. Dan Patrick replied “maybe we’ll see broomball in the next winter olympics!?”

The days following the filming of the NBC Sports segment, Dale Jr. couldn’t stop talking about his broomball experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Dale Jr. raving about broomball on his podcast:
    He notes that he finds out that there’s pickup broomball in his home town of Charlotte that he’s going to check out. He also makes a reference to the fact that we filmed a lot of broomball footage which didn’t air and he noted “we played a lot of broomball that didn’t get shown, we had so much fun doing it that we didn’t really want to quit playing and go to the next thing”
  • Social Meda: You can also find Dale Jr. and Rutledge Wood both raving about broomball on their Twitter and Instagram sites too.

Huge thanks to Instant Replay and Blue Ox Broomball for donating gear and also special thanks to a dozen broomball players, refs and photographers who came out to help pull it all together. Additional photos can be found on our LF Broomball Facebook Group.

~ Jes Tischleder, LFB League Manager

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