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April 16 @ 8:00 am - April 19 @ 5:00 pm CDT

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USA Broomball 2020 National Tournament

Registration form can be found here.  

Men A/B will begin Thur at 5pm. All other divisions must be prepared to play at 8am Friday.

No other info on start or finish times will be available until mid Feb.

Players may play in Co-Rec and one other division. NO ONE may play in more than two divisions of play..

Rules Modifications – Points of Emphasis

All play shall be governed by the current USA Broomball Official Broomball Rules with the following modifications:
Tournament Directors: Dave St. Aubin and Kevin Denesen
Referee-in-Chief: Rodney Olson

1.) All players must be 18 years of age or older on or before April 14, 2020.
2.) Roster limit for Men’s play is 17. Roster limit for Women’s is 16. Roster limit for Co-

Rec , 14 (6 females and 8 males max).

3.) Commercially produced HECC hockey helmets and broomball shoes are mandatory for all players. Due to safety concerns no accessories may be affixed to helmets, (i.e., cameras, wigs, etc.). Lacrosse, bicycle, football helmets, etc. are not allowed for any position. Failure to comply will result in the player or players being unable to participate until rectified.

4.) A player may stop, control a ball and score a goal with the broom below the shoulders. 5.) If the entire ball is above shoulder level it may not be played, or attempted to be played,

with any part of the broom. Penalty – Minor; if play is ruled dangerous – Major.
6.) There must be three women on the ice in Co-Rec at all times, with the exception of

penalties and overtime.

7.) Body checking is not allowed in any class.

8.) Players may not play in more than one tournament class of play within a division (i.e., Class A, B or C). Players can play in no more than two divisions (i.e., Men’s and Co-Rec. Women’s and Co-Rec, etc.).

9.) Official roster must be turned in at least 30 minutes prior to the team’s first game. Due to weather, it can be produced up to game time. Once the ball drops on your first game no changes may be made.

10.) Icing is allowed if a team is short-handed due to penalty.
11.) It is a penalty for any player who leaves their feet to play the ball & trips an opponent.

12.) All team captains (1) and alternates (2) must have a “C” or “A” on their jersey; If they don’t have that designated marking; they don’t have the privileges. Matching jerseys (like, or very similar) are required for all divisions of play. Note: No taped on numbers. All jerseys must be numbered. Failure to comply will result in the player or players being unable to participate until rectified.


13.) Hand or kick passes into the crease are immediate stoppages of play.

14.) Fighting will not be tolerated. Any participant issued a match penalty for fighting will receive an automatic tournament disqualification and is subject to further disciplinary action by USA Broomball.

15.) Netting around the rink: any ball hitting the netted area behind the goal line will be considered live. Any ball hitting the net between the goal lines will be blown dead and ref will determine appropriate face off location.

16.) If the goal is dislodged, it is an immediate whistle.
17.) When a penalty expires, the player who serves the penalty no longer needs to tag up.

18.) Tournament Director reserves the right to alter tournament in any way at any time. All decisions of Tournament Directors are final.

19.) When a delayed penalty occurs the referee will blow the whistle and assess the penalty at whatever point the offending team TOUCHES the ball (possession/control is not required). Point of emphasis. A deflection off an offending team players stick, or the offending teams goaltender making a save without control will not be considered a touch, and will not result in a whistle to stop play on the delayed penalty.

20.) Too many players on the ice will result in an automatic stoppage of play and a minor penalty will be assessed. Officials will not wait until the offending touches the ball. It will be whistled immediately.

21.) A team IS permitted to leave the offensive zone with the ball if they so choose. It will no longer be considered a delay of game if a team gains the offensive zone, and then intentionally or unintentionally carries the ball out of the zone to maintain possession.

22.) Any player or team official who receives 2- 10 minute misconducts in one game, or a 10 minute misconduct plus a game misconduct in the same game will be immediately suspended until a hearing occurs to determine additional sanctions and date of reinstatement.

23.) No ties in pool play.

24.) Men’s and women’s division overtime rules. First overtime will be 4 on 4 sudden death, 5 minute stop time with a goaltender. Each team will change ends at the beginning of 1st overtime. If a tie exists after 1st overtime, then 4 on 4 sudden death, no goaltender. For a goal to be scored, the attacking player must have the ball totally across the red center line.

25.) Co-rec overtime rules: 4 on 4 sudden death, no goalie. Each team must have 2 men and 2 women on the ice. Each team will change ends at the beginning of 1st overtime. For a goal to be scored, the attacking player must have the ball totally across the red center line.


April 16 @ 8:00 am
April 19 @ 5:00 pm
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