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Broomball Central News & Nationals Recap

And just like that, there’s another great Nationals in the books, despite the crazy weather! Congratulations to all the National Champions and all of the teams who worked so hard throughout the season; you all should be very proud!

In the coming weeks Broomball Central will be hard at work to bring you a recap of the weekend’s events. Game footage is currently posted & available for review on the Broomball Central LIVE’s Facebook page. Feel free to watch your favorite games, comment, and use as a tool to help improve your game during the off season! Photos will be reviewed, edited, and posted as soon as possible; make sure to keep your eye out and tag your friends in the photos! Tournament results will be posted and used as the Ambassadors work hard to develop the new ranking which will be released on May 1st! Additionally, the BCI poll will be released with the final rankings for the 2017/2018 season! And, of course, Baby Ty and Street will be hard at work on a new podcast recaping the weekend’s events! Stay tuned for all to come.

As we reflect on the weekend we wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all of you who were willing to step up to support and help build the Broomball Central community. Whether you contributed as a Facebook LIVE correspondent, photographer, score keeper, or simply spreading the word to grow the community, we appreciate you! It is important for us to show our appreciation because none of this would be possible without you. So, THANK YOU!

As we look to the future, Broomball Central will be looking for ways to continue to expand and grow the sport. One of which is to expand into the tournament realm; starting with a C/D tournament and an open tournament in the near future! Stay tuned for more info! We will also be working on the website store which will provide registered teams and leagues the opportunity to purchase apparel with their logo on them without having to worry about team ordering. You’ll also be able to find Broomball Central apparel and BT’s Broomball Podcast apparel. Another avenue for growth will be player pieces where we will do player profile video interviews and other such promotions.

As always, we strongly encourage anyone that would like to contribute to this site in the future to contact us at [email protected]. There are multiple roles that still need to be filled in our organization and would love to talk to anyone interested.

Available Broomball Central roles include:

  • Submit a post (under the news tab) about this weekend or any broomball related info you wish.  We will review it and post it as a featured article!
  • Share the site with friends, family, league members, newbies, greenies, haters(especially the hockey guys;), etc….one of our main goals is to help give broomball the legitimacy it deserves.
  • Get people to register.
  • Like and Share the Broomball Central and Broomball Central Live Facebook pages.
  • Record games on Broomball Central Live and post them (contact us for page access).
  • Register your teams and leagues under our “connect tab”.
  • Register any tournament you will be hosting to spread the word faster and more directly.
  • Become active on the Message boards.
  • Send us videos to post on our YouTube page.
  • Make a Broomball Central picture your profile picture or cover photo on Facebook.
  • Donate. We’re currently operating underwater and hope to turn this operation into one that is self-sustaining and also have the ability to give back to growing the sport.

Broomball is a year round sport and we’ll keep you up to date with everything we can going on this summer.  Congrats to all of you on a great season and good luck on the new one that starts today!!!!!

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