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Beltway Roadrunners 2018 Broomfest Champs!!!

The biggest Corec broomball tournament of the summer ended with a bang as the home squad Made in Miami battled it out in a overtime thriller with the new champs, Beltway Roadrunners.  Team Captain, AJ Izzle had some insight into their tourney run.

“After making it to and ultimately getting blown out in the championship at Broomfest last year we came in with a mission to get back to the finals again. We are very fortunate that we get to travel with our friends to all of these tournaments. It’s been amazing that we are able to have such incredible people and talent playing on the Roadrunners squad. Each win is accomplished by a total team effort. This tournament in particular everyone on the team had points, and everyone rose to the challenge of playing against such incredible competition. 

Being completely honest, when we drew a penalty in OT I thought the game was over. DC’s Brett Schneider(C+/legislators) made one of the greatest plays I have ever seen from inside our own goal box. He lofted a pass from the goal line to the red line, which Kasey Kirby(Legion) handled with ease and walked the ball into the net, solidifying the victory. It was truly and incredible thing to be a part of. 

Next stop… New York”!

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