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An Open Letter to Broomball Officials Everywhere: I/We are sorry!

The release of Episode 19 of the podcast prompted one anonymous broomballer to send in a letter to broomball central that we would like to share. A link to the episode is right below and can also be found just under the featured articles on the main page.


As I sat there listening to the BT Broomball Podcast’s most recent episode, drinking my Whiskey Old Fashioned and getting excited about tournament season ahead, I was anxious to hear Rodney “Rod the ref” Olson talk about officiating broomball, how its changed, what’s coming in the future and answering some questions on rule clarifications.  But then it happened, Rod was asked, “why aren’t there a lot of Broomball Officials anymore?” I mean, what’s Rodney going to say other than the truth, it’s not like it’s some big secret that officials are treated like crap by players. But then, as I was listen to him describe this, l suddenly had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. He’s talking about me!  I kept waiting for my name to come out of his mouth, “the biggest A-hole on the ice is (blank)”. But of course, Rodney is too professional and fair to start dropping names like that. No matter, I heard it, I got it and I am sorry!

I don’t know if it’s because I have had a hard week with work or family, or if it’s because I’m trying to make the US Men’s Olympic Team and “that call just blew my only opportunity to show the scouts what I’m made of, but sometimes I lose my mind when I am out on that ice and it’s NOT attractive!  As I look back at some of the times where I let a ref have an earful, I can’t even believe the words that came out of my mouth, how personally I must have taken that call/non-call, as if it were done to spite me to my core.

The truth remains however, that I love this game of Broomball and at some point, I’d love to be good at it.  But if I — no, if WE want to play this game forever, we better start appreciating the officials who make it happen for us!  The officials who show up before everyone and leave after everyone. The officials who make very little money compared to officials in other sports.  The officials who fly and drive to all our tournaments so that we can play the game we love and especially the official who makes it all happen, Rodney!  Do you thank them? Do you thank them often? I know I don’t but I want to start and I want you to start too! My competitive nature isn’t going to change, and I still might find myself upset with a call, but the fact of the matter is, when it is all said and done I got to play the sport I love, and the officials made it happen!


The Apologetic Broomballer


Rodney “Ref Rod” Olson joins the BTBP crew to give us a behind the scenes look at our great referees! “Ref Rod” touches on some rules that always seemed to be questioned. Goalies, high brooms, delayed penalties, overtime rules and much more. Rodney also gives us his point of view from the infamous “Syracuse tilly” and why he was told not to step in. The gang brings up the lack of referees and why showing a little more respect to the men and women in stripes, could help keep the game alive. 

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