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Welcome to Broomball Central, your home for everything related to the greatest unknown sport on the planet. is a grassroots effort to provide a united home for broomball information, tournament listings and results, and provide a space for an open dialogue discussion. With a more cohesive and organized environment, we will be able to increase the awareness to the great game we all love, better link the various broomball communities, both established and growing.

As we know, Minnesota is the hub of American broomball. However, many efforts are taking place to expand the sport outside the self-sustaining, highly ranked leagues in Minnesota. These players are truly making strides to grow the awareness of broomball out of passion and love for the sport, regardless of affiliation. Our goal is to only fuel these efforts by being a resource for all things broomball.

As a resource, will have ambassadors at all levels and from all communities. Ambassadors will act as bridges between communities by adding news and updates for their leagues in one centralized location in order to unify the broomball community. This effort is not for personal gain, strategic oversight, or an effort to strong-arm the community but to simply help grow the sport in a meaningful way.

All players and fans are welcomed members of this community. We will have content, articles, message board discussion, statistics, standings, awards and more as we grow. Contributions to this community can be made by volunteering as a community ambassador for your local broomball leagues. Ambassadors would help as a contributor, analyst, photographer, or videographer. If you are not interested in contributing content but still want to show your support, you may support the site through donations towards operating costs and awards. All inquiries can be made to [email protected]. You can also like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Again, this is paid and provided out of broomballers dedicated to the sport above all else. We look forward to growing our community together!