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2nd Annual Charm City Tourney

This is the second year hosting a co-rec tournament in Baltimore. We started it last year with the purpose of expanding the interest in broomball locally, while still attracting teams from outside of Baltimore/DC. We named the tournament, and designed the logos and trophy incorporating Baltimore’s finer aspects.

We wanted to provide a platform for local players who do not normally have the opportunity to experience travel broomball while also creating a fun environment for experienced travel players to come to. It is a healthy mix of experienced travel players with up and coming homegrown talent. 
Due to the amount of female talent in Baltimore & Washington, D.C. our tournament features two women on the ice, with goalies not counting towards the gender rule.

8 teams are participating over the course of 3 days, beginning tonight, and ending on Sunday. 6 of them comprised of Baltimore & DC players, while the others are coming from Pittsburgh and Boston.

Scores, playoffs seeding, photos, and videos will be posted on our facebook page. We also plan on streaming all of the games on Broomball Central’s Youtube page. 

The tournament will be fun, but the after party on Saturday night will be epic! 🙂

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