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Twin Cities Open

2019 TC Open Hot Takes

Disclaimer: This is not the Mag, nor is this an attempt to steal any thunder or move in on any territory. This is just an attempt to fill in those not in attendance at the TC Open.

The action inside Augsburg was incredible! This tournament featured 6 teams that were assembled for fast action. Speed was the biggest weapon of choice for this tournament. Rosters were full of faces that seemed to belong in different uniforms (teams not entered, some possibly retired/disbanded, who knows…). If the TC Open is any indication, 2019 could very well hold some amazing broomball. If you’re team doesn’t have speed or passing, start dusting off the brooms and get to practicing, you’re going to need it.

Kelly Lake – The champs are here!! Speed, possession, pinpoint passing, and a barrage of shots. This team is dynamic and had an amazing tournament. They play fast, tough and relentless. They’re going to have a big year! They out ran, out possessed, and out will-powered all opponents. It’s amazing how the play in their opponents zone. The lock down all breakout options, blast huge shots, and always seem to come up with the rebound. They won this tournament in convincing fashion.

Chiefs – Some of the rosters were littered with players thought to be from other teams. This was one of those occurrences. They pulled in some familiar faces, and players that have won big games. It will be interesting to see what the roster looks like throughout the rest of the season. In their matchup against MetX, they looked overwhelmed by speed. After that they straightened out and played the type of broomball we’ve come to expect from this group. They know how to win games, now it’s time to win tournaments.

Saints – This was a group comprised of a little bit of Wolves, little bit of Furious, and a little bit of who the heck knows. Victories over SFO and MetX, and a 1 goal game against Chiefs shows they can play. Not sure if this is a permanent team, and if so what the roster will look like for the year. They’ve got some speed, defense seemed shaky at times, but they got some timely goals. This appears to be another team in need of some development time, but has potential.

MetX – They looked electric in their game against the Chiefs. Fast and creative is how they play. Another team that you’ll have to keep an eye on to see who sticks on the roster and who was just helping out. This team can score. Like their approach to staying young and fast. Bottom part of the roster needs some development time and then they will be deep. Side note, they were smart and balanced their lines until crunch time, well thought out in this writers opinion. Still learning how to win, they’ve got to get their attitudes straightened out, but they will be a force for years.

SFO – Word is there were some very late phone calls and additions to round out this roster. This was a group of Barrie’s Tavern veterans, Furious, Nordic Stars, and a few others. This was probably the oldest roster in the tournament, but perhaps also the most accomplished. They can still run and gun with the best of them. They take advantage of a solid possession game as well. I’ll be interested to see how many guys stick together this year. Either a Barrie’s Tavern North America team, or a Nordic Devils team could be dangerous. This team featured some high end talent, depth of speed was their only mismatch, and undoing.

Ice Mafia – Hats off to this group! They sign up for tournaments and compete. Outmatched in high end talent, they play smart, and have heart and determination. Goal scoring and transition game improvements are the areas of need. Already showing teams they are no cake walk, a few systematic improvements, some player development and they’ll get some W’s.

It’s always interesting to see side conversations going on in the rink. Best rumor of the weekend belongs to a conglomerate of the best US players making a run at…Canada Cup 2019…or 2020 Worlds? Not sure if this one is true as it’s 3rd or 4th hearsay. Whispers of this team also say after an incident following one particular game, that conglomerate may have broken up before it even formed.

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