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2019-2020 Triple Crown Standings

Triple Crown Standings
Submitted By: PBI on December 30, 2019 at 1:55:25 PM

The 2nd leg of the Triple Crown (The North American/Midwestern Championships) has now been completed.. The 3rd and final leg, The International Championships, will take place March 27/28.
The size of The International field could lead to as many as 20 points being awarded to the winner (it currently stands at 17 entries).

The team with the most accrued points after the International will win a paid berth to the 2021 USA Broomball National Championshps. In addition, the non – class A team with the most accrued points at the completion of the Triple Crown events will be awarded a 50% paid berth to the 2021 USA Broomball National Championships.

Current Standings
1. Kelly Lake 24 points
2. Met X 22 points
3. MN Chiefs 18 points
4. Furious 13 points
Wolves 13 points
6. Northern Invasion 9 points
7. C+ 8 points
8. Ice Mafia 5 points
Nordic Stars 5 points
Flames 5 points
11. Outlaws 2 points
Red Rock 2 points

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